Thursday, March 13, 2014

Medical Screening

Today I had my medical screening at the UM Center for Reproductive Medicine up in Ann Arbor. My appt was in the afternoon so I was able to work at least half a day and not have to miss work completely, which I was very happy about! Once I left work I went straight to my MIL's house where I waited for her to get off work. Then we left for Ann Arbor. She drove to Ann Arbor and back to her house so I didn't have to do as much driving plus it made DH feel better that I wasn't going alone.

We made good time up there and got there a little early. We went ahead and went inside and I filled out some paperwork. My IPs met us at the clinic and it was my first time meeting them in person. They were so nice and I just loved them right away. We left with them to get some drinks and snacks at a nearby Whole Foods. I've never been to one before and let me tell you I'm completely jealous of people who have one in their town! It was so nice and I wish I could shop there all the time!

My IPs generously bought our drinks and snacks. We chatted for a bit at one of the small tables and then we hurried back over to the clinic. I finished some more paperwork and they called me back. My IM went back with me while my MIL and my IF stayed in the waiting room. They took my weight and BP and then we went back to one of the rooms. My IM stayed with me for a bit and then she had to leave for a bit. I talked with one of the nurses and the one of the doctors about everything and they asked me a bit of my history. Everyone was very nice!

My IPs came back at that point to say goodbye as they were leaving the clinic. I stayed a bit longer to talk to the nurse about what the next steps were and the expected timeline. We set up dates for the end of April for a hysteroscopy and mock transfer. There's definitely a lot to think about and plan!

The whole appt was about 1.5 hrs. Then we headed back to my MIL's house and then I drove the rest of the way home. I got back about 9:30 pm. Long day with lots of driving but it was definitely a great day. I was very happy to meet my IPs finally and they were happy to meet me too. :)


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