Tuesday, March 18, 2014


On Saturday the 15th, AF came unexpectedly and a week early. The first thing I thought about was if it was going to throw all the timing off we had just discussed on Thursday. So on Monday morning I called the clinic and left a message with the receptionist to give to the nurse. Later in the afternoon I got a call from the clinic. They asked me about AF and then surprised me by asking if I’d be able to come in tomorrow afternoon for the mock transfer and hysteroscopy. That was quite a surprise! It was pretty short notice so I told them I’d call them back and let them know once I checked with work. After making sure my schedule would be ok, I called back and left a message that it was a go!

Today I worked about half a day again and then left to make the trek up to Ann Arbor. I went by myself this time though since no one was free to go with me. Good thing for audio books! That made the drive go by much faster.

I got to Ann Arbor after 1 pm and my appt was at 1:50 pm. I stopped at a gas station and went to the bathroom and picked up a drink and some snacks for the ride back home. I started chugging water since I had to have a full bladder for the procedures and I downed 3 Ibuprofen that they recommended since their might be cramping afterwards.

My IM met me for a little bit at the clinic but then she had to go back to work. It was good to see her for at least a little bit. They got started pretty quickly once my IM left. Both the hysteroscopy and the mock transfer went very smoothly and was easy. They said everything looked good and went very well! Great news! I finished with a mandatory exam (after using the bathroom) and then one of the nurses came in and we went over injections and future schedule. We set everything up so that we’d do a April 19th lining check and a April 24th transfer. Wow! This is really happening!

I went to the lab after I was done with the clinic to get some labs drawn and then started the trek back home. I stopped at one point for more gas and food and a bit of stretching.

I started my OCPs tonite to start preparing for the real deal.



myrydyth fletcher said...

you are so awesome! god bless :)

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