Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lots of going ons

It’s been a bit since I’ve updated so I need to do a catch up post. This is mostly because A and I have been on vacation and we just recently got back. I kept in contact with my IM over the trip when I was able to keep updated on what was happening and what needed to happen.

Over the trip, we finally secured an insurance. Dealing with the whole insurance issue was just one big headache. I originally though my insurance did not have a surrogacy exclusion based on the info my HR provided me. Turns out, there is one. I just wasn’t given that info. Sooooo…..long story short…we basically were scrambling to meet the March 31st deadline to get insurance before we weren’t able to. We made it by just a couple days. I really wish the insurance issue would have been caught earlier by my agency because we could have avoided quite a few headaches. We can officially start using it in May.

I’m still taking my OCPs every night. In addition to them, I am now taking a prescription prenatal vitamin, extra folic acid, baby aspirin, and levothyroxine. Are you wondering “levothy what?” It’s Synthroid the synthetic thyroid hormone. My TSH levels were around 3, which is considered normal but for fertility purposes they like it to be 2.5 or below so I’m taking a low dose of levothyroxine to balance it out a little better. I’ll likely be on this the whole pregnancy, but that’ll ultimately be up to my ob dr once I transfer to their care.

Today I had my pre-Lupron ultrasound. Thankfully, I did not have to travel to Ann Arbor to get it done. They were able to set up an appt at a clinic closer to me near Cincinnati. Once I got there it was a bit of a wait because they didn’t have my order and we had to get that faxed to them but once they took me back and into the room it went very quickly and it was super easy. The drs were very nice and said everything looked great.

DeLynn called me later and let me know everything did look good and we went over the calendar since we haven’t had the chance yet with me being on vacation.

I got all my meds today from Freedom Pharmacy and I started my Lupron shots tonight. Easy peasy. I’ll be doing these shots for several wks. I stop my OCPs on the 13th.

It’s all quite the process and things definitely don’t go smoothly all the time as I’ve found out! Luckily, my IM and I have been keeping in close contact about everything and we’ve figured things out along the way. Sometimes she knows something and I don’t and vice versa.

My IM should have all the financial stuff for the contracts and I believe she is sending that to her lawyer tomorrow so we’ll be finishing that up very soon. I don’t anticipate there being any disagreements. The biggest challenge for both of us is if bed rest would happen. It would cost her and it would put my job at risk if the bed rest was long term. Really hoping we don’t have to even worry about that!

I’d appreciate prayers for everything to continue to go smoothly and for things to stay on schedule. Originally we thought a April 24th transfer but now we are set for an April 27th lining check and a May 6th transfer. I really don’t want to have to switch dates at work again (not that it’s my fault the dates change).

Here’s a photo of my nightly routine now:



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